dg43dg43 Posts: 7

My daffodills are coming up all leave, no buds

What shall I do

Dig up and throw away


Plant elsewhere


  • FonzieFonzie Posts: 32

    There are esveral reasons why Daffs come up 'Blind'

    If they have been planted to deep.

    The foliage was cut back to soon, therefore not allowing the bulb to absorb the nutrients in the leaves

    Daffs have their own food storage in the form of the bulb, but it is a good idea to give them a feed aswell, especially a high phosphorus application.

    Narcissus Flies can be a problem too if you are unlucky enough to get those. They eat the flower buds, so cultivating around the area will help kill the larvae that are in the soil by exposing them to birds.

  • dg43dg43 Posts: 7

    I have had flowers the last 3 or 4 years so not planted too deep

    I  just let the foliage die off - didnt cut.

    No flies eating buds - buds arent even forming.

    can I feed now or too late.

  • FonzieFonzie Posts: 32

    Might be to late, but worth a try.

  • dg43dg43 Posts: 7

    Shall I dig them up and replant them now

    Tie up and hang in shed til later in the year

    or ditch them

  • I have several newly planted daffs which have come up blind this year. They were all from a bulk bag bought at a Country Fair. Most have produced buds, so I guess it's just the law of averages that some will fail.

     I think I might cut my losses and dig them up.  .

  • LynLyn Posts: 8,089

    The place I ordered my bulbs from, said that they dont always flower in the first year, so dont dig them up yet Barry, they will probably flower next year.

    Gardening on the wild, windy west side of Dartmoor. 
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