I have tried to grow courgettes for a few years now they start great I have a few and then the leaves start to go grey dry and crispy! I have tried growing them in the ground,pots and grow bags and the same thing happens.I have also been careful about just watering arond the root to avoid too much water on the leaves.I would like to give them another go this year any ideas as to what I am doing wrong. 


  • veggiefingers - always grow my courgettes in tunnel now in beds rather than outside where i never had much luck. but they do like feeding (tomato feed ) and air circulation.

  • Thanks I will give it a try

  • I have had exactly the same problem, year after year. I have grown a few different varieties, always in containers. Plenty of room, only one plant per container, regular watering, tomato feed once a week, plenty of sunlight. They start off really healthily, produce lots of flowers. But the courgette production is accompanied by a subtle silver veining on the leaves. Pretty soon the leaves turn completely silver and brittle, courgette production stops and the plants end up in the bin. This year I will try again, having chosen a variety resistant to "powdery mildew" which is what I have guessed the problem to be. I'd love this to be confirmed though...
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    I grow mine up and in qrow bags(the small round type you fill yourself). I started them off as seeds in march last year and planted out in may. I fed them every 10 days and waterd them every day in the early morning. I had lots of courgettes!

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