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I have just managed to get out and finish planting my front garden after having a new driveway.  I've gone for evergreens for year round interest and to keep maintenance relatively low: skimmia, choisya, daphne, pittisporum, physocarpus, phormium, daylily and black and gold grass (forgot the names).  What plants do you have out front and for year round interest?


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    I have a box hedge round a rose and perennial bed which includes some heuchera and geranimum macrorhizum which keep their foliage.     In another bed I have a picea abies Rydal whose new growth is a deep red in spring so I grow it with a couple of red stemmed cornus.   Another bed has a large cornus Midwinter Fire for stem colour and green and purple leaved forms of bergenia backed by a conifer hedge.   Everything else is deciduous or herbaceus.

    I find some evergreen is good for structure and interest but bare stems of trees and shrubs with some grasses and perennial seed heads add their own beauty in winter.

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    Hi Mrs G,

    My front garden is in need of a facelift but due to the work completed in the back garden since we got here I haven't had time to do much yet. I have a massive Ceanothus tree which was here when we moved in and I have kept it as it flowers twice a year and is absolutely covered in bees when in full flower in Spring. I have actually had people stop me in the street and comment on being able to hear the bees from several houses away!

    To keep the wildlife theme going a have planted out a selection of perennials such as Rebeckia, Aster, Foxgloves, Lysmachia, Japenese Anemones, Crocossmia to name a few. These All provide interest from Spring through to Autumn but then die back in winter. As with my large pollinating beds in the back garden I leave the seed heads onthrough the winter months and they get readily feasted on by Goldfinch and Greenfinch.

    In early Spring I will cut them down and the whole process starts again!

    I reckon fairly low maintenance and super ranges of colour through the summer months!?

    Like many people we have two cars to park off road so some space goes but I have used gravel to aid drainage. Within this gravel area I get a lot of self seeded Purple Toadflax, which again I just let do it's thing (feed the bees!)

    It will be interesting to see what others do in their front gardens...



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    My front garden has a mix of decidous and evergreen grasses, cytisus (broom) in pink shades, lavender, helianthemum (rock rose), armeria (sea thrift), dianthus (rockery types), bearded iris. I put in some spring flowering bulbs last autumn, I hope they come up ok. They are are mix of tete a tete daffodils, iris reticulata, snow drops (from my dad's garden) and crocus. This is all planted into a weed suspressing membrane covered in gravel. It has been planted for about 6 years now, I've had a few casualties (rosemary and french lavender) and made a few changes.

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    Those Spring flowering bulbs will look lovely when they come up and you've chosen well I think, I hope they do come up for you, I'm sure they will.



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    Thanks for these ideas.  My back garden is very waterlogged right now and looks miserable but I do have a row of red stemmed dogwoods that I propagated from hardwood cuttings, a sedum and a hydrangea.  The rest is very much a work in progress Winter interest wise but we have been here less than a year.  I have put some crocus bulbs in the lawn and planted a great swathe of allium bulbs but with all the waterlogging I don't think my alliums will survive : (

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    Not usually into coniferous plants obelixx but that looks like an interesting one.  I am going for muted white and green tones in the back garden with some splashes of purple so I am thinking more about different textures than a range of colours.  That is why the front garden is such a mish mash, I've got very yellow foilage along with bluish and almost black because it's an overflow for all the other lovely shrubs I see!  Think it is almost at capacity now though. 

  • Sarcocca confusa, wonderful perfume Jan/Feb especially in sheltered spot.

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