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Do you consider gardening to be like art?


My question possibly isn't the right place as it isn't practical, more philosophical than anything else, but I'll stick it here anyway. Im writing an article on the artistic nature of gardens. I was interested to know whether you consider gardening to be like art? Do you feel that you're the author, in much the same way a painter paints a picture? Or is it more of a craft, in which you simply appreciate nature?

Any comments much appreciated




  • FonzieFonzie Posts: 32

    I think it artistic. Designing a garden and 'painting' it with plants, as well as adding objects such as statues etc.

  • AliPAliP Posts: 64

    I would definitely say it is an art.  And like in art everyone has a preferred artist or style the same goes for gardens.  The great thing with gardens is its 3D and forever changing plus you get to lose yourself in it literally! I could go on and on but I won't bore you.

  • davids10davids10 Posts: 894

    gardening is an ideal of nature but nature intensified and-hopefully-with the bad bits left out-because even the best gardens are so evanescent they usually survive only in memory-a private garden left to itself will vanish in a season-its structure may survive as a silent witness but its reality will go with the planting

  • Lupin2Lupin2 Posts: 17

     Yes, Mossy, I think that gardening is pure art.It engages all the senses, is creative and fulfilling. It is also frustrating and does not always turn out like the picture in your head. I speak for myself of course!

  • Eddie JEddie J Posts: 108

    What a fantastic thread.image

    In respect of the garden that I am currently constructing for myself, I would definitely consider it to be art.

    Our last garden was what could be considered a traditional cottage garden, and whilst it was stunningly beautiful, it somehow lacked individual flare and imagination.

    The new garden which was an overgrown wilderness, has allowed me a blank canvas to explore my own imagination and creativity. Ideas are easy, construction is easy, but sadly the time and money to put it all together isn't!

    I also need challenge, and even the sculpture shown above, whilst I have constructed them in within the space of the last year, I'm already bored of them and need to move and change them. To me any art whilst exciting when new, quickly becomes stale. This doesn't so much apply to plants, as they are ever changing, and hardly any day is the same. This in itself generates excitement and interest. Sadly I have to cut this short, but will add more later.image

  • Yes, I would say that a garden is like art - after all you are looking at the complete compostion using colour and shape. Whether a gardener does it consciously or sub-consciously they will link colour and shape and size of plants , even foliage shape to give a balanced composition.  It gives people who would not necessarliy consider themselves 'artistic' the opportunity to be creative. The garden, with the changing of the seasons, has the added advantage of an ever-changing palette.

  • Just to see a buttercup close up or smell a honeysuckle or stroke a lambs ear, to feel the soil tremble between your fingers, to anticipate the spring in ones heart - is that not all art?

  • cloud8cloud8 Posts: 101

    hmm that depends on your definitions of art and craft.  I'd say it's a bit of both, you need an eye and an imagination (art) but you also need the technical know-how (craft).

  • Ally SAlly S Posts: 3

    I study Art and although i do not practise this much now I see my garden as a painting in progress!  I love to create and develop my plants from the seed stage to the planting out and having knowledge of colour for me is the key to creating a harmonious garden.

  • yes definately an art and a skill to get 'right' whatever that bit  - creation in 3D, with the knowledge to know what it looks like when planted, but also in years to come, and without knowing what nature will do to play her part.  Great therapy too

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