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strawberries, spring onions, garlic& tomatoes

hi all, im a new mum and want to grow as much as i can to feed my son. im pretty new to this however everything ive grown in the past my dog decided eat!

Because of my dog and my soil is really clay based im doing everything in pots or baskets as i dont really have the time to start endlessly digging. i have a greenhouse and my seeds are doing great so far but they are getting overcrowded and i need to pot on so i suppose the questions are,

for my strawberries is basket or plastic strawberry planter best?? ive tried a terracotta planter before but it was disasterous, top too wet, soil washed out, bottom was bone dry and birds took the rest.

tomatoes; pot or compost bags, i have 2 varieties on the go shirley and gardeners delight.

spring onions; not too sure how these are doing the seedlings are kinda drooping all over the place. how deep should i pot them and how far apart. so far they are on my windowsill as i have no idea what to do with them.

garlic; this was bought from a garden store but when i split it it was mouldy. managed to get 3 unaffected bulbs and planted in those biodegradable pots and 2 are 4 inch shoots within a week??? how much room do they need and what ideal conditions.

i also have chillies (loads) carrots, peppers, 2 types of onions, lots of herbs, and potatoes. Feeling like i bit off more than i can chew and other than watering and feeding ive pretty much got my fingers crossed!

sorry its a long one and thanks in advance to any answers!!

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