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santa's growhouse

Santa brought me a growhouse for Christmas, hooray. I have a small back yard in which to site it (and I really mean small, inner city terrace style small). My realistic option is to set it against the back wall. This faces south, but the back wall of the house is not too far away. It could go against an east facing wall, but I wasn't sure this would provide enough sun for long enough. The whole yard is surrounded by buildings and so is quite damp in winter. Midlands situation geographically. Help! Also wondered what kind of things I could grow in it/use it for. I am pretty much a novice at this aspect of gardening.


  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    I had a tomato growhouse a while back and used it for propagating from about April onwards (I had a tiny paraffin heater) and growing toms later in the season.

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