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what's eating my lemon geranium leaves - now!

In December, something started eating the leaves of my small lemon geranium, kept indoors in a bedroom at c55 degrees fahrenheit. Clean cuts, not holes, like slicing parts of the leaves clean off.

Prior to that, the plant was fully healthy.I can't see anything on top or underside of the leaves ,nor on the soil. I've looked also in the evening.Whatever it is, it's keeping well out of sight!


  • Have you checked under the pot and inside the pot in the compost? It could be something lurking in there. Whatever it is it must be very hungry as I can't imagine a lemon geranium being very edible!

  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,852

    One year little green caterpillars ate the leaves of my geraniums that were overwintering indoors, they were tiny to start with so I didn't see them at first.

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  • fox18fox18 Posts: 2

    I have the same problem with a red pelargonium overwintering indoors.  Slug pellets have not had any effect.  I also had caterpillars last winter but this culprit is different.  It leaves droppings on the stone floor next to the pot larger than mouse droppings.  I looked underneath the pot this morning and saw two small worms.  I have removed then. Could earthworms be eating large, neat circular portions from the leaves?

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