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Evergreen blocker

Hello all and a very happy new year.

I was hoping to get some advice on a problem. Our garden has a field next to it that belongs to next door neighbour. Hawthorne hedging separates the field from garden. A large barn was erected over the summer that the hawthorn hides fairly well when in leaf, but, now the branches are bare the barn can be clearly seen and although not ugly feels to somewhat dominate and overshadow our garden.

Can anybody advise me on something I could plant that would be fast growing, ideally grow through the hawthorn, not cause damage and is evergreen so the barn is hidden all year round?





  • Busy-LizzieBusy-Lizzie Posts: 23,165

    Which side of the fence is your garden? If the near side, in front of the gate I can only think of trees. Beech or copper beech keep their leaves well into winter, and The barn doesn't really dominate. But if it's the other side of the fence I can see it would dominate the end of the garden.

    I don't know about growing through the hawthorn, how much space is there? Do you like conifers (please not Leylandii)? Or laurel should do the job, they can grow quite big. Or an island bed with assorted evergreens in front of the hawthorn to break up the line, with shrubs such as choisya, eleagnus Gilt Edge, a thuya, photinia Red Robin, a variegated holly etc.

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  • Hi Busy,

                 The perspective you are looking at is the end of our garden. beyond the gate to the end of the bare hawthorn is a piece of land nobody really owns then our neighbours land starts. We need access through the gate so can't really plant trees as such that's why I was thinking of something that would grow through the hawthorn that would be evergreen.

    The pic does make the barn look further away than it is really.

  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,366

    You might find something useful in this recent thread Ryansson. 

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  • Hi Nutcut,

                   I have read this thread, but the difference being there is already hedging there that can't be replaced as it's pretty old. Our neighbour had to agree to replace so much of the hedging when he took it out to install a gate for his horses to come through from the barn.

  • fidgetbonesfidgetbones Posts: 17,443

    I have a hawthorn tree on the boundary. It has a rose growing over it, and a jasmine growing over it. The jasmine is rarely pruned. It is still in full leaf, and although it will drop its leaves, it is not without them for long before new growth starts. There is also a clematis montana running through.This gives a succession of flowering, and rose hips and haws for the birds. Its actually quite difficult to tell its a hawthorn under there.

  • Hi fidget,

                   That's more like I was thinking. I have been looking at ivy which may form a screen to block the barn out, but, not sure what to do. ideally of course the barn would have been erected elsewhere on the field as it's blocked a nice view across the fields in winter, but can't be helped, so now I just don't really want to see it when we're in the garden.

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