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I intend growing geraniums in pots this season. I buy my plants from B&Q in cell trays. I need advice regarding pinching out to avoid plants going leggy. I have not grown them before. I read somewhere that geraniums produce more flowers if they are left unwatered. Should I leave them to virtually dry out before watering? What is the feeding (if any) & watering programme? I usually mix in Growmore to the compost before planting bedding plants. Is this OK for geraniums???? 


  • honestly i think your over thinking it. Pinch out the tops when they get bout 4inch mix in some grit and general purpose slow release granules into your compost and youll be fine. Gardening is a lot of trial and error as long as you learn from mistakes made your on a winner. i personally never let any bedding plants dry out because the plants become stressed which invites disease and bugs. Test the compost with yr finger if its dry water. Little and often. Ive being gardening for 3 years now and best advice i can give its not to make it too complicated.

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