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Hi, I'm a new kid on the block so to speak although I was a member many years ago. I have been given a bag of 50 daff and narcissus bulbs, they are still firm and have a sprout at their tips.  Is it safe to plant these, or will they rot. I don't expect any growth much this year, but will they survive from now on?


  • If you don't plant them soon they will probably die anyway. You've nothing to lose. How about planting them in a pot by the door so you can keep an eye on them.

  • brockleybrockley Posts: 15

    Thanks Barbara, I have put some in a pot anyway, but as you say there is nothing to lose, so I'll plant the rest in a bank under the hedge.

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 64,535

    If you don't plant them now they will rot and die. This is their last chance. You cannot keep bulbs until next year. 

    Even if they don't flower well this spring give them some fish blood and bone fertiliser as the flowers are going over and pick off any seed pods as they form. This will encourage them to grow good foliage which you must not remove - as the foliage dies down it will replenish the energy stores in the bulbs and they will flower better in future years. 


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  • I planted some bulbs really late too, like literally yesterday and all last week. Tulips. Ordered them ages ago but didn't get around to planting them. Monty Don said in his last program that they're good for planting up to Xmas day but clearly this is incorrect advice! Will they flower? Have posted a separate question as I didn't see this. Some had mould on them, and some were sprouting! Can they recover?

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