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Eleagnus Ebbingei (Silver berry from the Russian Olive family)

Hi All.
i have a young Eleagnus Ebbingei full size topiary tree, which i bought last July, (i think the other name for it is a Silverberry from the Russian Olive family)

it is planted in a semi shade position, it settled well and within weeks we could see lots of new shoots of branches and new leaves forming,

in late Autumn we had some flowers but not many and this did not last for long, we had a very cold spell of weather and i think this may have confused the tree?

last week i noticed lots of the leaves had begun to fall from the tree and although the tree still has many left on there are lots that fall off if i gently shake the tree and as yet we have no sign of any of the "fruit" growing on the tree, (although i think we may be to early for this)

Is my tree dying or sick?

is this normal that this happens we have had a very very cold few weeks with temps as low as -20 over night (we live in the Netherlands)

if it is sick what can i do do help it survive?



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