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Grapes in the North

Hi,  I've just bought a greenhouse and would like to try growing a grapevine.  I live in the North (near Leeds) and would ideally like a seedless type.  Can anyone suggest a good grape to grow?  I've narrowed it down to Flame, Himrod, Lakemont, Perlette and also Queen of Esther and Boskoop Glory but I'm not sure if these have seeds.


  • RonRon Posts: 32

    Hello Julie, My first Grape vine was 'Flame' which I planted outside the greenhouse and fed the vines into the greenhouse. The first year it survived the winter but in both 2009/2010 the frost cut it back to the roots. Last year I re-planted it on a west facing wall along with Boscoop Glory and it looks like it's new position is better than the cold greenhouse. 2009/2010 were particularly bad winters though, good luck.

    Spechley red and Purpurea are tough 'ornamental' vines and we've made some very good wine with them..lovely Autumn colour too.

  • Thanks for your reply Ron.  What was the Flame like for mildew etc and were the grapes any good?  It will be fully inside a south west facing greenhouse.  Does the Boskoop Glory have seeds?  Thanks, Julie

  • RonRon Posts: 32

    No problem with mildew etc.on Flame but no grapes because the severe frost kept cutting it back. The Boskoop Glory is supposed to be seedless but I only bought it last year but hopefully I'll find out this year.

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