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Vine Weevil grubs and wild primrose

Hi all.. have lost a pot of primrose already and now a second is going.  Noticed this one earlier and have washed off the soil and repotted and hope that i got the little devils out!  I brought the plants at great expense and the seeds aren't cheap (and i can never seem to grow them!!!) 

My question is.. 1) whats the best thing to use at this time of the year to kill the grubs.. and 2) Do primroses suffer as much when planted in the ground and not a pot?

Thanks all!


  • jeffdjeffd Posts: 61

    I have had problems with vine weevil in my greenhouse pot plants for the past few years, there are a couple of vine weevil killer water on drenches you can use (Not for use on edible plants) . There is also a safe nematode control available through mail order which can be used in the garden soil or in pots when the temperature starts to warm up , I going to try this solution this year as I am not too keen on using chemicals. I have never found the grubs in the garden soil only in pots with peat in them. 

  • Toddy2Toddy2 Posts: 1

    I too have problems with the dreaded vine weevil, I feel sure they were in a pot I

    bought from a garden centre , I have used nematodes but cant seem to get rid of the pesky things.   

  • RonRon Posts: 32

    A well known brand sells 'Vine Weevil killer' but it's quite expensive. I use Armatalox, also expensive but it goes further and is excellent for cleaning soil of blackspot around my roses.

  • Derby411Derby411 Posts: 4

    thanks all.. looking like another of the pots has trouble so might have to put that out also and wash & repot till warm enough for the nematoads!

  • Derby411Derby411 Posts: 4


    Looks like the above also effected.. image  I think i'll have to deal with this the weekend... then might plant them all in the ground and see if they improve!



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