Hello all, as you will realise this is my first time to go on your forum, so here goes.

I have a camelia bush in our garden that is full of buds, but it never flowers. The bush has been in the garden for 4/5 years now and this happens year on year, we feed it with erricacious feed and mulch but still no flowers.

Any ideas please.



  • AliPAliP Posts: 64

    What happens to the buds, do they all just drop? and what do they look like when they drop ie. are they brown?  Does the plant otherwise look in good health?  Sorry, I know lots of questions but I should be able to help more with abit more info.

  • jeffdjeffd Posts: 61

    This can be caused by a lack of water in the previous summer when the buds are forming , if you need to water always try to use rain water.

  • goochiegoochie Posts: 17

    Yes definately only rain water but this should be done in October when the buds are forming every week about two litres at least.  Try replacing some surrounding soil with ericacious compost.

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