Hello all, as you will realise this is my first time to go on your forum, so here goes.

I have a camelia bush in our garden that is full of buds, but it never flowers. The bush has been in the garden for 4/5 years now and this happens year on year, we feed it with erricacious feed and mulch but still no flowers.

Any ideas please.



  • FonzieFonzie Posts: 32

    I would incorporate giving it some potash  in the form of Tomato feed, (Tomorite) as this helps initaites flowers and fruits. It may just be lacking this, so worth a try.

  • Hammy2Hammy2 Posts: 3

    I have had a camelia for around 5/6 years - it had buds for the first time last year but didn't flower.  This year it has beautiful blooms!  I don't give it anything to eat!  My soil is very poor, very acid, bit it seems to like it.  The leaves are always glossy and pest-free.  Hope this helps.

  • bryfbryf Posts: 16

    I have a similar problem, I put a bush in last year and it is full of buds two or three have half opened then fell off but most are not opening at all, it also has a white waxy powder on the leaves, which comes off easily enough when you rub it, I have looked on various advice sites but cant find any explanation, anyone have any ideas? Thanks

  • Hello Camellia lovers,

    It's pretty common with Camellias for them to fail to flower well as a result of a lack of water the previous summer. They start making buds then, and a lack of water can stop the buds forming properly. If you have poor soil, it won't retain water well, so you need to add lots of mulch, to keep the water in and to build up the organic content in your soil, which will in turn help the soil to retain water. It looks like it might be a hard summer for camellias this year.

    Emma team

  • Ally SAlly S Posts: 3

    thank you Emma for your advice. I have been struggling with my camellia for years so will give this a try .

  • rosymaryrosymary Posts: 2

    i have a camellia which i left out last winterand now find the leaves are a very pale green verging on yellow with no buds at all can i save it

  • How fast will a camellia grow
  • bryfbryf Posts: 16

    Emma Crawforth

    Thanks very much for your advice regarding lack of water, I started watering my camelia every evening since your advice, it has now started to bloom properly and is looking great, the white powdery substance has also disappeared from the leaves, I will continue to water (when no rain falls) and will apply some mulch to try and help retain moisture in future, cheers 

  • wintswints Posts: 1

    i have a camillia its flowered but now its finished the leaves are turning brown

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