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Hi, Just wondered if anyone could help me please.  I have inherited a garden with some lovely old plants and have identified most of them.  I have identified one as a Pittosporum which is now quite large about 4 ft wide x 8 ft tall and I thought was an evergreen.  It flowers in the summer with little purple flowers with a honey scent.  However after looking at it today it appears to be shedding all of its leaves, (it did it last year too but not quite so many).  I was going to prune it back a little but now unsure really of what to do with it as I don't want to kill it.  Any advice would be most helpful I would add I have only lived in this house for 2 years so the Pittosporum is quite new to me.




  • stickstick Posts: 1

    These are tough and hardy shrubs .Trim them to what size you want but not too harsh...say by up to 2 ft in ht. and width.n.b.remember plants get old like us and some will wither and die eventually.

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