Easy to look after House Plants

Lou-LouLou-Lou Posts: 9

I would like some easy to look after house plants to fit in my uni flat. Do you have any suggustions?


  • mumjumbomumjumbo Posts: 2

    Spider plants are easy to grow, can be hung up high once they start growing and are good for combatting pollution e.g. from monitors. Cacti and succulents as pretty indestructible and Mother-in-law's tongue (Sansevieria trifasciata) for looks.

  • BorassusBorassus Posts: 16

    It depends on how much light gets into your room. Cacti and succulents need the sun, while palms and ferns prefer a shady site. Dracaenas (dragon trees), scheffleras (umbrella plants) and parlour palms (chamaedorea) are all pretty tough

  • Lou-LouLou-Lou Posts: 9

    Thanks for all your helpfull comments!

  • davidedavide Posts: 12

    can any one tell me why my dragon palms leaves are turning yellow daily l water it weekly 

  • LokelaniLokelani Posts: 112

    Temperatures matter, although less at this time of the year. Our house is really cold & I have tremendous difficulty keeping anything alive. Our flat used to be like a jungle, so I think it is temperature rather than a lack of green fingers! 

    Aspidistra & mother-in-laws tongue (there are a few varieties nowadays) are meant to be the hardest for novices to kill. 

    Phalaenopsis (moth orchid), is surprisingly very easy. They are usually in bloom when you buy them & those blooms last for months. Easy instructions all over the internet on how to look after them.

    Aloe vera I grew from seed survives even through winter in my cold house, just don't overwater, very easy. Jade (money) plant seems almost indestructable. Weeping fig survives just.  

    Personally I've always found all palms & ferns very tricky. If you really mist & look after them & have a warm enough house they are beautiful though. 

  • LokelaniLokelani Posts: 112

    Forgot to say, leaves turning yellow could be overwatering. Water when needed, ie when it feels really light, or the compost is dry, rather than just weekly whatever. If it's warm it may need more often, if the weather has been cold & grey it may need it less often. 

    If not then maybe the wrong light conditions for that plant. 

  • davidedavide Posts: 12

    Many thanks LoKelani.

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