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Hi Adam, my back garden is north facing and on the western side I have some ivy growing on a fence panel my question to you is why does it not produce flowers and later on berries?


  • Sorry I meant to also say that I live in Weymouth Dorset and the ivy as far as I can tell is of the usual type I.e. not variegated
  • kaycurtiskaycurtis Posts: 111
    Dear Adam, how can I stop ground elder creeping across from next doors garden, at the moment I have it covered with cardboard to exclude the light but it's not a long term solution. Kay from surrey
  • Our village is suffering from leylandi bushes going brown and looking dead. Is it a virus. Is there a cure. I would be pleased for your comments. Muriel
  • Sorry I didn't mention ,,I li ve in a village near Doncaster. Muriel
  • Sue MSue M Posts: 1
    Dear Adam, Could you please tell me if it's time to dig the rye grass into the veg patch. Thank you, Sue
  • Roy 2Roy 2 Posts: 1
    I live in South West Wales and my backyard garden faces south. When the weather is good it's a real sun-trap.
    Last year I bought a small olive tree bearing fruit.
    It is now about 4 feet tall and kept close to the kitchen wall for maximum sunlight and also warmth at night.
    When should I prune it to maintain an open crown?
    Is it advisable to reduce the length of fresh growth to make it bush out?
    Any tips on pruning will be gratefully received.
  • davids10davids10 Posts: 894

    sarah broome- ivy blooms and berries only on mature wood if you trim it it will remain juvenilr forever-cuttings taken from mature ivy will form ivy trees rather trailing-very amusing

  • the blades of grass on my lawn are gradually turning white. what is it and how do i treat it.
  • Hi adam,weve recently moved house and am looking forward to this years growing season.Theres evidence of a row of runner bean wigwams,how should i prepare that particular patch for this years crop of runners?

  • Fran2Fran2 Posts: 4
    Dear Adam,

    I've had my Wisteria for about seven years. It has lovely green leaves in Summer and is spreading out along a fence in a sunny postiion. I have followed all the advice about pruning it twice a year and mulch it well in Spring. What am I doing wrong?
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