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Hi there, this has been my first year growing veg. Although I have thoroughly enjoyed it, I have been so frustrated at the conflicting advice from different books and sites, and am still confused about so many aspects of growing! I recently acquired an unheated greenhouse and as suggested by various books, at the end of November I sowed some hardy winter varieties of broad beans and pea. The seedlings are now a good size, healthy and with true leaves, should I keep them in their trays until spring? Or plant out under cloche despite the frost and high winds? Or should I transplant to grow bags? Any advice on starting veg off in greenhouses very welcome!


  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    Freya, I started my winter peas and broad beans off outside under cloches and they are doing well so perhaps you could now put yours out? Just make sure the cloches are firmly anchored.

  • Thank you, out of interest are your cloches made of glass? 

  • artjakartjak Posts: 4,167

    No, they are old pieces of thick polycarbonate roofing that I assemble with bamboo sticks and wire; very Heath Robinson, but it works! I use thinner sheets of polycarbonate from an old tomato house for the ends in cold weather.

  • I always sow my Broad Beans directly in my allotment last week of October/ first week of November. They can stand the winter without cloches. Replacements for any losses  are sown in March in the greenhouse.

    Peas are started in March in the greenhouse sown in plastic guttering and then planted out under cloche when they are larger in April/May.

    I would personally not transplant your beans/peas until the spring and then under cloches.

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