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Hi all.

I bought three corms or an stunning oriental lily at the Hampton court flower show back in July this year. I planted then the following weekend that was the last week in July and they have grown to over two feet tall with plenty of flower heads which are closed. What are the chances of them opening and flowering this year.Ive brought them indoors and put them in our conservatory.

Thanks in advance. Peter


  • Gary HobsonGary Hobson Posts: 1,892

    The normal time between planting lily bulbs to flowering is 10 weeks. So if bulbs were planted at the end of July, then you would expect flowering from mid October.

    I assume that 2 feet is the flowering height for the variety you bought.

    I'd have thought they have a good chance of blooming. Lilies don't flower for very long once they open.

    A conservatory is a good place to keep pots of lilies. But be careful to avoid letting the pollen drop onto funishings or clothes. It will stain and is difficult to remove.

  • Peter12Peter12 Posts: 22

    Thanks for the good advice Gary.

    The name of the lilly is ice cold and can acheive a height of up to a meter, but perhaps for the short seasonl they have been given this year they have done pretty well. I live in hope. thanks for the advance warning regarding the pollen,  

    kind regards. Peter.

  • LizanneLizanne Posts: 1

    I have not had the same luck sadly! I bought nine Asiatic & nine oriental bulbs last year the A lilies flowered last and have just finished this year the O lilies have two beautiful blooms now having been reported and kept in the greenhouse! Still trying to work out where I am going wrong? Any advise please.








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