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Divide Dahlias

Well the OH is out at work and son is in my office on the desk PC and I'm trying to watch a film I don't under stand "cloud atlas" so I thought I would pause the film get a drink (nice glass of wine) and do a little search on dividing Dahlias.

I found this video on Youtube (I will have to rewind my film a bit) but I thought I would share



  • Thank you Verdun I'm in the conservatory retrieving my Dahlias just to knock the compost of and packing in news paper in a hessian Tesco bag then I shall hang for a month or two.

    I'm itching to start sowing seeds for next year, It's going to be hard to resist sowing.


  • LOL what sort of cheese was that.

    I really pleased with myself as I found the grey mould on some of my Dahlias stems so a lucky find, I've cut of the mould now and wrapped in news paper.

    maybe some people will read this a check there Dahlia stock.

    quite funny really as many of my tubers where on a wire rack in the open upside down.


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