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I was recently watching Gardeners world and i noticed on one episode one of the presenters had a pair of pruning shears. The pair is of japanese or chinese make and has one red handle and one yellow handle. The next episode, i saw Carol Klein had a pair and so did the other gardeners. I was just wondering what make are they and where i could get some? I am in a landscape garden business and they would be a lot easier to use than my normal ones.




  • AliPAliP Posts: 64

    Hi Tamara,

    Check out this website it may have been the Tobisho secateurs that you mentioned.  The Japanese really know how to make amazing gardening tools!  I've got some of the Okatsune snips for taking cutting and they are great.

  • ObelixxObelixx Vendée, Western FrancePosts: 27,579

    Most professional gardeners swear by Felcos for normal hand secateurs.   Theyr'e great for ordinary gardeners too and last a life time if cared for.

    For long handles loppers and pruning sawswith interchangeable length handles, Wolf make very good products which are easily available and at a reasonable price for ordinary gardeners.

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  • BriBri Posts: 13

    I have had my Felco 2 secateurs since the 70s and they will nodoubt outlast me. Wonder if it's back door advertiseing re the above?image

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