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Hi as I am new to this , any surgestions to what flowers or plants I can grow so the wild birds can feed form them I have a stone court yard so will be growing from tubs etc.


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  • Hello Gary,

    There are plenty of plants that you can grow in tubs to help wild birds. Here is a list from the RSPB. Most of them are shrubs, which would require a little extra care if confined to a container. Be sure to water, feed and top-dress them regularly, and repot as they grow. The daisy family is a good recommendation - there are plenty of attractive daisies that will grow well in pots. Also have a look at our features on helping birds in the garden on the site.

    Good luck, I hope you soon have lots of feathery friends flocking to the courtyard,

    Emma team

  • Hi Gary,

    You could try teasels grown in pots and also sunflowers image

  • Thanks ,Emma and Botticewomanimage

  • burhinusburhinus Posts: 58

    Sunflowers are well worth growing and Teasel as Botticelliwoman says. When the birds, usually Goldfinch have eaten the teasel seeds you can replenish by gently sprinkling nyger seed over the empty Teasel heads.. Goldfinch also like thisle and Dandelion seeds.

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