can i put my sunflower seeds in peat pots and then transfer to final position so i dont disturb the roots


  • Yes. The roots will grow through the pot so you don't have to disturb them re planting.

    Loo roll tubes are just as good and free (kinda,well,you know..).


  • many thanks wessex wellies

  • 53clogger53clogger Posts: 16

    Old carborad drinks cups from take aways are good too as they give a longer root run

  • thanks clogger

  • i sowed a variety called`colour`` fashion` the other day,has anyone grown this variety before?

  • DiggettyDiggetty Posts: 14

    I've never bothered about disturbing the roots with sunflowers. The birds sow the flippin things ALL over my garden - I just pull them up & transplant them to where I want them. The birds are very good at sowing my sunflowers for me, some of the resulting flowerheads have been multi-amazing.

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