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i never used my pond pump this winter now the pond is covered in algie how can i get rid of it please


  • I use a stick.  Drag it through the algae then twirl it round and you should get a good clump but watch out for frog spawn!! When you have heaved the algae out, leave it on the side of the pond so the critters can get back in....or if you're like me, pick through it and see what's living in your pond

  • thank you B i know that i want to get rid of it altogether do this bale of straw do any good  ??? i dont have frogs 

  • Once you've hauled it all out and left it a couple of days on the pond edge, you can put the algae on your compost heap (if you have one) or your council green-waste bin.  I don't use barley straw, though some people swear by it.  I find that once I get rid of what's built up over winter and start using my solar pump again, the algae is kept to a minumum but it helps that I have a lot of oxygenating plants in the water and much of the surface is covered in floating plants.  If it's not a wildlife pond, I've been told that grass carp keep the green stuff down but you'd have to ask an expert about them.  Hope this helps

  • many thanks  for all the advice i  will give it a go 

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