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When's the best time to put new pond plants in, should I put them in while they are dormant or leave to spring summer when the plants have some greenery on them, plants I'm looking to put in the pond are yellow iris, arum Lilly and the normal pond lilly


  • nutcutletnutcutlet Posts: 27,157

    Yellow irises are so tough it won't matter. The other two I'd leave til summer. Water lilies need to be in growth. I've never grown arum lilies

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  • Leave the Lilly's till spring, but when you fdo plant them, dont submerged them, put them on a brick, slowly lower them as they grow so there not underwater, often people put them underwater and drown them.

    If you have a waterfull / fountain, keep it away, they dont like turbulent water, they like nice still water. And plenty of sun, which is kinda counter productive, as too much sun promote alge and green water, so hopefully your pond is not in direct sunlight anyways, but a part of it get some light, this thre place to plant the Lilly's, as for other pond plant most are pretty tuff and agresive and can be potted anytime of year.

  • NewBoy2NewBoy2 Posts: 1,813

    Charlie Dimmock was on TV in a program about reclaiming the UKs Gardens last week and suggested three plants

    You can catch it on an Iplayer I suppose

    I have yellow lillies in mine that just "truck on " all year round. 

    Depends how big your ocean is !!

    Try 2 or 3 types and see how you go




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  • My lilly didn't flower last year - lots of leaves but no flowers. It was it's first year so I am keeping everything crossed for this Summer. Anybody else have this trouble with lilies - do they take a bit to establish?

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