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Bringing a pond back to life... error with 1st post

Hello all,

At the end of last year I moved into a new house, which has a lovely, though slighlt overgrown, garden that I plan to invest time in this year.

I wondered if anyone could give me a few pointers on renovating a pond. I have basic gardening skills but have never built or maintained a pond before so any advice would be very much appreciated.

It is a two tier pond, the higher tier appears to be a plastic base with no lining though seems to be intact, the bottom tier looks to be made of stone gain with no pond lining. Both tiers have a lot of over growth and plant debris, though there is still about a foot of murky water throughout. There is currently a family of frogs complete with spawn residing in the pond and a broken pump! I would like to keep the reptilian family happy within the regeneration project!

Would it be best to drain and completely reome all foliage from within the pond and start again or are there other halfway options?!

Help appreciated!!



  • jean6jean6 Posts: 157

    I myself have had ponds in the past..filled in now.. nothing spectactular..I would dig another small hole with plastic in it.. fill it with water you have in pond & net out frogs & spawn into it... frogs will pop back but dont worry...then really clean out I can`t see it I can only go by what I had.. plastic liner with pump at bottom with long pipe from it going up to top thus recyleing back down & up again...i loved having frogs but it got abit too much with algae etc no matter what I did.. good luck

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