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Tulips and Beans

Hi all,

i have planted my spring bulbs (tulips) in a nice wooden container with some trellis running up the side of it.

Just after my Tulips slowly emerged from under the soil, i realised that this would be the perfect spot for my bean plants to be grown in this March.

So, what I am trying to find out is...

Should I take out my bulbs after they have flowered and plant my beans in their place, should i leave the bulbs in under the ground and plant my beans over them, or should i just not bother at all and find a new spot to plant my beans.

Thanks, Any advice would be appreciated.


  • i would start the bean plants off in pots and let the tulips flower then transplant the beans into the pots. i would also feed the compost if your not changing it to replace the goodness into the soil

  • AmeidaAmeida Posts: 2

    Your bean plants won't really coincide with the flowering of your tulips, the seeds for beans (I presume that they are runner, or french beans) will only be sown next month. So the plants will be ready for planting out, hopefully well after the tulips have finished flowering. Beans do need good enriched soil to do well, so I would probably not plant the beans over the tulips, but either find a different spot for the beans, or maybe move the tulip bulbs if you still want to grow the beans in the container.

  • Sue 2Sue 2 Posts: 19

    Try starting your beans off in pots & when tulips have finished remove some of the soil & mix in some decent compost eg horse manure compost (available from your local garden centre), Then re-plant tulips & put beans in. Then youve still got the tulips for nxt year. Or you could always just re-plant the tulips when the beans have finished in late autumn.

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