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Talkback: Growing mahonia

I have two mahonias in my front garden Charity and an old fellow not sure of his name. He is very leggy and I as m going to have to bite the bullet after flowering and cut hard back. The mahonia forms part of as hedge so will look odd for a while. Can anyone advise how much I can expect it to grow in as year as this might influence how much I cut back?


  • Hostafan1Hostafan1 Posts: 34,865

    I agree with Verdun, you can cut back as far as you like. I prefer to cut roughly a third of the stems right out each year until it's all under control. 

  • Thank you. I cut the flowering stems back last year but not enough. It's about 5ft now and very leggy with lots of foliage at the bottom and flowering at the top. 

    Thank you for advice will wait for spring and report back next year !  

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