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    l found this baby sparrow in my back garden in 2011, it had white tips to its wings, it could not fly, as my garden is enclosed we hoped it would survive, it did we put out food for it and it would come to eat three or four times a day, we did not try to interfere with it,then it tried to fly it would climb up a trellis and  drop off this did not work as it was the wrong way round, it soon learned how to climb up and turn around and it began to fly in small hops, all this time we saw no other sparrows plenty of other birds though,then after about a  week a sparrow came to it but flew off, then other sparrows, came to the garden, the last we saw of it it was flying about, l do hope it survived as it was so unusual with its white on its wings.

  • How lovely, Dolly! How luck the sparrow was to wind up alone in yoru garden.


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    Hi Dolly, What a lovely story, well done you for looking after this  orphaned baby.

  • never pick up a fledgling,leave it where it is as the mother will come back and feed it,(unless of course its in the middle of the road for example)if you move it the parent bird will not come back to it and you will not be able to feed it successfully and it will just die.Hard as it is leave well alone as "mum" knows best.image

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