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Broad Beans

I have planted out my broard beans as they are about 200mm high and nice and strong, but when i planted them out 60% are lying on the ground have i done something wrong or will they come round?


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    Did you acclimatise them first? Maybe they are a bit traumatised if the soil was cold. I usually plant mine in October & overwinter them under a cloche - they grow to a few inches immediately and then stop & wait until after the spring equinox. You could try just sowing the seed directly at this time of year.

  • Thanks,

    I am a real novice at this so i am going to make foe-pars. I have also just sowed a few rows straight into the ground to see if there is any difference. Luckily i got some sticks to hold them up and they seem to be going great guns now.


  • I planted out my over winter onions and broad beans... the broad beans are about 2" high but see that they need a cloche over them..  can I make one or do I have to buy one

  • I haven't managed to finish digging my plot yet & I'm getting worried as it's so late.

  • something is eating my beans.... they are about 6" high now and I have the polythene and fleece to make a cloche... but I thought it was too cold for insects to eat my beans... does anyone have any idea what could be eating the leaves.  this is the first time I have done anything in my beds for the winter/spring...

  • We have a big problem with wood pigeons on our allotment. We all try to net as much as we can.There is still snails and slugs around too.

  • I am trying winter sown broad beans for the first time this year. Currently they are about 2 in high in pots in a sheltered cold frame - do I need to put them in the ground or just stand them outside to harden off ?

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