Regular Pruning of Young Silver Birch

I adore silver birches and, even though I don't have a space where I can allow proper growth upward or outward, I purchased a bare-rooted one last year and have already enjoyed the dancing leaves and beautiful autumn colour.  I know I will destroy the natural beauty of the shape of this tree by keep pruning it, but I need to know how best I can keep it at around 10 ft, allowing for annual growth. So long as I won't kill the tree, I don't mind a shape different to the norm because, even at a low height, it attracts gold finches, etc and many insects, beside being very beautiful to look at. Many will say I should get a different tree, but I love this one.  I was thinking along the lines of topping it to approximately 6-8 ft this time of year, and reducing the branches to, say, 3 ft (allowing annual growth of 3-4 ft).  It has reached 8ft in the first year. Any tips on pruning? 


  • indeed you can prune it to shape as my neighbour has done and I have planted a small one that will take well beyond my years to get to any height and I ll keep it in check .Make sure you prune cleanly and keep it to  nice shape, they can grow mighty big and hit power lines .I had one for years but it was badly pruned and then it got "rot to the base" as the council said as they hauled from its roots.image

  • Hello, bit of an old thread I've jumped on to here, but just wondering whether you planted the silver birch and if you did, how it fared?

    We're looking for a tree for our garden to be kept to around 12ft high by 6ft spread.

    I love the trees and my wife really likes the Grayswood Ghost that we have seen, however I'm a bit concerned that I'll be destroying the tree by trying to make it fit the garden?

    It would be circa 4ft from an electricity pole too....

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