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What do I need for my greenhouse?

I have got a greenhouse and it has finally been put up today! The only thing that I have got for it is a metal table type thing (staging I think its called) and a thermometer. I am wanting to grow fruit and veg and have got a brochure with all different kinds of tools, gadgets and equipment for a greenhouse. What I would like to know is what are the main things I need to get. I don't want to end up buying all sorts of things that are unecessary! I could do with an essentials greenhouse/gardening items list! Can anyone offer me any help or advice?

Thanks in advance! x


  • Hi meema, if you're growing things that need to be started off before it warms up outside, or plants that need it to be good and warm throughout their growing season, you could invest in a heater of some kind.  I have a paraffin heater but there's lots of ways you can do it, from individual heated propagators, fan heaters, heating mats etc.  It depends how much and what you're growing, and what you can afford.  I tend to keep the stuff I'm growing now on windowsills in the house (as it's already heated) but I'll probably move them out to the greenhouse when they're ready to pot on and then I'll use the paraffin heater and fleece (on especially cold nights) as I don't have a power supply, and frankly can't afford the cost.
    I use gravel trays under all my pots and seed trays as it's much easier to water from beneath, so it might be worth you investing in some of those.....a fine rose for your watering can otherwise.
    If you're likely to be going away on holiday and can't get anybody on watering duty, then a drip system might save you a lot of heartache.
    Really though, it's worth you buying the bare minimum and then deciding what you need as you go along.  After a couple of years you'll probably know how you prefer to do things and what works in your particular situation and location.
    Good luck! I remember how excited I was about my new greenhouse image

  • donutsmrsdonutsmrs Posts: 479

    Hi meema, my greenhouse is heated by a small electric heater and I also use horticultural fleece when the weather is really cold. I always start my seedlings off in propergators that I put on my kitchen window cill then when they are large enough I pot them on and leave them in the greenhouse to grow on so you might want to get some seed trays or small pots. My greenhouse is isulated with bubble wrap for the winter, I've also got a min max thermometer so that you can see what the lowest and highest temp was. I don't know if you have Lidl near you but this week ours are doing offers on things for the garden and greenhouse like propergators, fleece ect. I to can remember how excited I was about my greenhouse and I just wanted to buy everything, good luck I know you are going to love it. image

  • hi meema, my greenhouse is heated too, ive lined the greenhouse around the bottom with bubble wrap, i bought a big roll from focus, wilkinsons should stock it,  i have a propergator too, quite a big one, thankfully was given to me, because they are expensive. when i was setting up i went round gardencentres to see if they had any pots,trays. tubs. you"d be surprised how much they have, i know some recycle. but its worth a try it worked for me and ive save  quite a lot of money. i grow plants for customers, and i need 6 cell trays or 9s, which i save on my rounds, if your neighbours/friends have bought plants ask them to save the pots.image have fun hope it helps

  • Hi - Meema...                                                                                                        It's best to start of in a small way, by growing plants that are easy to grow, like small tomato plants, say two or three different varieties, perhaps some peppers again try a few different varieties.

    Now tools everyone starts of with a few tools, but as time goes by you end up with all sorts of tools, big in size, as well as small tools, if you have Family you will most likely get tools as presents, from Family, and Friends, and like minded Peepul to your-self.

    Gardening... comes in three different sizes in my mind.                                        You start of in a small way, then you may get the Bug for growing all types of Plants, Shrubs Trees and Garden Plants, Greenhouse Plants, Houseplants, the range is absolutely fantastic, my self  I am addicted to Garden Centres, and the like, you go out looking for a Bargain, and end up spending Mega Bucks, Gardening is one of my addictions, by I am also an Aviary Culturist, & The Friends of Groups, as in Parks, & Green Spaces.

    I hope I have not lost you here, but I could be addicted to worse things, as you may know but with Gardening pursuits, their are No bounds, and No end to the learning curve once you start, and some of that learning will stay with you, and some bits will drop of, so this is where Gardeners World.   Comes in real handy and as Gardeners, wee all learn of one and other, their are No Professional Gardeners as such, its just some of Us know and remember more, and being as their are No Professionals... it takes out any kind of Snobbery and puts us all on the same footing and as it should be in this really Great Hobby, of Gardening.

    I sometimes go over to South of Ireland to see some Friends over their where all types of Gardening is high on their agenda, but so is keeping Pigs, & Poultry, all for their own private use in the main, they don't tend to sell things, it's more a swapping of things for other things, I have to much of something, i swap with you for something this way know money changes hands.

    Sorry Meema...                                                                                             But being a mear Man i have drifted here and their to my likes as in hobby's and Gardening & Gardening & Gardening things.

    Hope this somewhat Help's

    Aw-Ra-Best-Ra-Noo...                               &nbsp

  • start small has it is hard work.yes try different things.when I started I got too many plug plants and I could not keep up.I agree with the last person try two or three different varities and enjoy summer in your new Green house Best wishes

  • Dont forget a nice comfy chair, my greenhouse is a peace haven for me when the kids are driving me crazy image

  • Hello meema4788,

    This may sound really boring, but one of the most important things to keep in a greenhouse is a dustpan and brush! Somehow you always end up getting compost on the benches, and bits of plants drop off from time to time. It's really important to keep your greenhouse clean and tidy to stop pests and diseases from taking hold. Have a look at our feature on preparing your greenhouse for spring.

    I hope you're enjoying it and that it's now full of seedlings!

    Emma team

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