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how much can we earn in 1 Acre

Hi Folks,

I am new to Farming business, I want to know, which things to be planed in garden and how much can we earn from 1 Acre any estimated figure ?

Which method to choose,like Grow Intensive or other


  • That's a very difficult question to even attempt an answer without knowing what your experience is growing which crops / plants. How much you have to invest and for how long before you expect a return are also key questions you need to ask yourself. 

    For instance if you have the capital (and the planning permission) to erect largish polytunnels then that's maybe one way to raise early and more profitable veg crops. It would also permit you to raise bedding plants in time to sell at local markets. 

    Fruit is another possibility but three years at a very minimum would be required before any meaningful crops come online. 

    Work out also where you plan to sell your crops / plants. Without a sales outlet there will be no sales. Also where is the acre of land? If it's in Somerset then that's good for some crops, if it's in Huddersfield (a tad chillier) then that's good for other crops.

    With careful planning you can hugely reduce your own food bill with an acre of land and still have lots to spare. 

    For practicalities I would go for bedding plants (geraniums, fuchsias etc) which would need a polytunnel and some form of heating. The returns at about 80p per plant can be rewarding after a couple of years experience. 

    Give us more information about experience, investment amounts, time scales and location and maybe the forum can give you a few ideas.


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