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swiss cheese plant

I've recently taken a cutting from my swiss cheese plant in the same way i do other plants; cut below the leaf node on a young stem and sit it in water until it grows roots.

I've taken this cutting yesterday but the cut part of the stem has turned black. Is this normal?

Any advice on how to make this sucessful?


  • meiowmeiow Posts: 51

    Hello rootbeer,

    When I've taken cuttings from these plants I tend to take them with an aerial root attached.

    Thats the brown root that comes from the stems, these roots grow downwards as if they are trying to find water & soil.

    I've had sucess doing this way after a few weeks. From what you say it sounds like your cutting is starting to rot,but maybe just wait & see if roots develop.

    hope this helps

    D.G Hessayon- "House plant expert" gives excellent advice on this,you can pick up his books in charity shops.

  • gardengirl6gardengirl6 Posts: 223

    When my swiss cheese plant outgrows its alloted space, I cut the top of the plant off, including at least one aerial root.    This will then root up in compost.   The remaining plant will also continue to grow.

    I have recently done much the same with an indoor yucca which was threatening to go through the roof of our conservatory.    It is now just about a foot high, trunk only, and I am hoping it will do what the books say it will - shoot out again.     I also have seven pieces of trunk stuck in pots of compost/cactus compost, which I am hoping will also root and make new plants.    Has anyone had any success with doing this?     Any idea how long it will take before I see green? 

  • rootbeerrootbeer Posts: 2

    Thanks gardengirl6 and meiow,

    The aerial root has started to grow from it, and the blackness of the cut stem has fallen off. Phew !!

    I'm going to leave it for another week and then plant it in compost and hope for the best.

    Thanks again

  • Hi. The tips of new shoots on my 3ft Cheese Plants are turning black. Please could you advise what is causing this and the cure. The plant is located in the middle of the lounge/diner 15ft from nearest window and watered when required. The plant was thriving with new shoots, suddenly the tips of the shoots when 2-3" long have started to go black and die. Plant is watered with rain water.

    Thanks and regards

    Dave Avins

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