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We are looking for an evergreen climber to hide an ugly brick shed in next door garden. Have put up a trellis and tried  clematis armandii and also jasmin  trachelospermum but both have ended up with leaves badly burnt by the cold winds that get funnelled down our sideway from the north and have to cut back bare stems and damaged leaves in spring and start again near ground level. Demoralising!!

Trellis is west facing. Soil is a bit chalky- live in North Kent.        Kay



  • Those two plants would have been suggestions I would have made. I feel any newly planted climber may have the same problem until they get established. Any chance of breaking the funnelled wind with a piece of strategically placed trellis or screening?Maybe adjoining the corner of the shed to make a sheltered L shaped sitting area where these scented plants climb - maybe not practical but without a picture it's just a suggestion...

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    I have two north east facing trellis panels which I have covered with two evergreen honeysuckles called ‘Henryi’. They have been in about 5 years now and I’ve not had any problems, I live in Cumbria and a couple of winters ago we had temperatures down as far as  -21.

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    Try Lonicera alseusomoides, heck of a mouthful,  but tough as they come and Bees absolutely adore it.

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    Clematis armandii and trachelospermum jasminoides both like a sheltered spot. Honeysuckle is hardy, doesn't mind shade, pretty, smells nice, different varieties. Also what about a variegeted ivy, such as hedera helix "Goldheart"? Ivies are pretty tough.

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