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Can any one tell me what to do with an Azales that was flowering at Christmas

GilGil Posts: 1

Hello Gil,

First of all have a look at Rachel de Thame's video guide on caring for azaleas given as gifts at Christmas. The video focuses on wintertime and you'll need to do a few more things the rest of the year to give your azalea the best chance of flowering next year. Look for a label to see what variety it is and try to find out if it'll be hardy outside in your area. A lot of them are in most of the UK. If it's hardy you can plant it outside in early summer and leave it there but make sure that you plant it in acid compost if you don't have acid soil. If it's tender you can submerge its pot in a bed for the summer, or simply keep it outdoors as a patio plant until autumn. Either way, always keep it well-watered (preferably with rainwater) but never flooded. If you're bringing it back in for the winter, fertilise it fortnightly in the autumn with a high phosphorous, low nitrogen fertiliser to encourage flowering. Re-pot regularly with ericaceous compost.

Good luck, I hope it keeps rewarding your care in years to come,

Emma team

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