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Poly pests

What are those hopping/jumping pests that are leaving white marks over most of my polyanthus leaves? They seem to be sap sucking insects and jump off when the plant is handled. These plants are in pots and looking very sad. What will get rid of them? Any one any ideas ?image


  • Sounds like whitefly, pamajo. If you grow marigolds (tagetes sp) near the polyanthus, you will deter them naturally. Tagetes are strong smelling and can be grown in pots or planted in the ground. I always grow tagetes beneath my tomatoes, and never have any problems with whitefly.

    Hope this helps


  • patzzpatzz Posts: 54

    Hello Kate, Thanks for reply. The polys are outside and the offending beasts are colourless. I,ve suffered from whitefly in the greenhouse and would be able to identify them,but  these seem to spring/hop away, returning later. I see they are also in a  sheltered bed at the back. The bed and pots are very dry and i wonder if this has any bearing. 

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