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Sloe Berry

I found a sloe berry tree (Blackthorn) on a country lane way near Drogheda co louth, how can I propagate  this plant so that I can grow it on my allotment site.

regards Derek



  • WelshonionWelshonion Posts: 3,114

    Bit of a waste of allotment space.  Sloes are usually gathered from the wild.  This year is a very poor sloe year, after last year's bumper crop.  It can make an impenertable hedgerow; not much will tackle those spines.

    You can also make damson gin.  Damsons are much more adaptable to various uses in the kitchen.

  • You can take a cutting from a blackthorn and push it into the ground and it should grow. It will take 4-5 years to yield fruit. It will try and spread so watch out for that

  • Yes, I agree it would be a bit of a waste of space on an allotment, as it can become a straggly, messy bush. And I've noticed that there always seems to be a lot more blackthorn blossom than eventual sloe fruits, suggesting that many of the bushes don't get as far as bearing fruit some years.

    Some allotment sites don't permit the planting of trees, presumably because they might cast shade on other plots, and possibly create problems with root disturbance to paths, beds, etc.

    If you do manage to take a successful cutting, perhaps there's an area of hedge on the edge of the allotment site where you could plant it?

  • Thank you all for your kind response ,as it happens the local county council have widened the approach road to our allotment site,and have run out of money to replant the boundary hedge so it might be an opportunity to plant edible shrubs rather the usual briers that are so common .


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