Wet Irish summer has battered my potted lavender

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Been a while since I posted last.  Hope everyone's well.

I bought a gorgeous potted lavender at Bloom (Irish gardening exhibition) in June.  We've had a very wet summer though and it's looking very sorry for itself now.   I don't want to lose it and there's still a lot of live growth on it, but it also needs a prune now because the dead growth is making it look very straggly.

Any tips on how I can restore it?  I know this isn't the ideal time for repotting, but I don't know what the soil quality is like at the moment so I was going to repot it and add a bit of grit (because lavenders like well drained soil), and maybe move it indoors for a while as the first of the frost is on its way.  I was also going to remove the dead growth.

Any advice would be welcome - I don't want to lose it.




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    There are some lavenders that are not as tough as others but I don't think you need to move it indoors-do you now the variety at all?

    Tidy it up but also use the trimmings as cuttings-the golden rule is never -despite what others may say-cut back into old wood as they seldom resprout

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    Don't take it indoors, it needs plenty of air circulation and if it has too much protection it'll put on soft growth which you'll lose in the spring, along with any flowers - as Geoff says trim it gently and take cuttings - then move the pot into the sunniest corner you have and keep the compost pretty dryish .  If you bought the plant from a reputable grower the soil in the pot should be suitable.  If you get very hard frosts forecast you could bubblewrap the pot, but don't wrap the plant - it'll succumb to damp. 

    Good luck image

    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
  • Thanks for the posts image

    The variety is 'Blue Star'. 

    It's in the sunniest place it can be so I'll leave it there and will just take off the shoots that are completely dead.

    That's a good tip about bubblewrap, must remember that, have a load of it in work so will stash some into my bag next week!

  • DovefromaboveDovefromabove Central Norfolk UKPosts: 42,838

    Lavandula Blue Star is a French-type lavender which is a little less hardy than the English types - but in general the same instructions apply - however you do have to be prepared for the worst if you have a very hard winter.  Even more reason to take lots of cuttings image

    And if you raise the pot off the ground on a couple of bricks (don't obstruct the drainage hole) or on smart little 'pot feet' or something it will help it to keep well drained and help prevent the soil from freezing.image

    Gardening is cheaper than therapy, and you get tomatoes. 
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