Talkback: How to make a bubbling urn water feature

The bubbling urn looks lovely - just the sort of project I'd like to try one of these days (allotment & garden permitting!)


  • Very nice article! Easy to follow step by step. Well done! You may also be interesting to visit:
  • This is so simply and easy to do and looks so well and you could have it anywhere I love it.
  • sorry if i'm a bit stupid but there's no mention of where the other end of the hose goes - i'm imagining it must go to some water source? a tap? if not a tap and it just uses the water you've put in the urn, then what's the hose for? And what powers the pump? batteries? an electric socket? these instructions might be fine for a normal gardener, but not a beginner, surely? or am i missing something? (besides brain cells)
  • Kentish wiggler, you're not alone!
  • One end of hose is attached to pump, the other slots into the urn. I assume the flex means that the pump is mains powered.
  • I am not very comfortable with electrical stuff, especially mixing it with water. I wanted a bubble pool on my patio and a friend helped me set one up after convincing me that it was safe. It is cheaper to buy the stuff separately than buying the kit.

    I have mine on top of  a large ceramic plant pot(it is the reservoir for the water) If you are concerned about safety with children you can use a large plastic container as the reservoir but bury it in the ground.

    We used a small pond pump, two bricks to sit the pump on inside the reservoir; a large plant pot saucer to sit snug on the plant pot. we drilled a hole in the centre of it. You can even use a round mesh  plant support. The three holes in the plant pot were plugged with wine bottle corks and reinforced with aquatic glue for good measure.

    You need an outdoor electric plug to plug the pump into, to circulate the water. The SOLAR pumps are touch and go even in a sunny summer!

    We got a bag of pebbles to spread on the plant saucer, filled the plant pot with water, adjusted the flow on the pump and bingo.......another wish come true.

    All in all it cost me less than £30.00p and it did not take long for the little birds to start using it as a birdbath and watering hole.

    I have set them up for a few of my neighbours too, after they saw mine.

    The only downside for me is that I have to put it away in the winter, but then I do that with the fish pond pump etc.too. besides, it's too cold to sit in the garden then!!

    So, please do have a go,if you love water in your garden.If an old woman like me can do it, so can anyone, good luck image

  • Where do you get the plastic coated grille from?

  • where do you get a plastic coated grille from for the water feature?
  • jatnikapyarjatnikapyar Posts: 419

    Hi, you can use "plastic coated grill" OR a large plant pot saucer to fit the opening of the resivour. they ae available in GC's. The plastic coated grill is ones sold as plant supports.



  • I did my own years ago but is soon suffered from green slime how do you stop the slim from building up ?? my god did it smell



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