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Does any one out there know if the 'giant tree lilies' and giant dahlias advertized in all the catalogues really do grow as big as they say they do?  Do they need extra special care?


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    giant tree lilies are a new one to me(damn those catalog descriptions) but giant dahlias will be giant with heavy fertilizing and strict disbudding-you have to chose between size and quantity

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    the new brecks catalog came today with surprise giant tree lilies-they seem to be reg lilies with exceptional stalks, so they probably like the same lush life as all lilies- years ago in my lily period i hybridized one that came out that way except the flowers were really nothing-however the plant has persisted in the garden for almost 20 years which might be a record

  • Ours are in their second year and are about 5 feet high with loads of flowers - they've been beautiful.  They were about 4 feet high last year so I guess they take a few years to reach full height.

    I haven't done anything to look after them (probably should have!) - no feeding, staking or inside storage over winter.  We planted 12 and 11 came up this year. One fell over in the wind but the others are still upright.

    I haven't been able to find out how to look after them so any advice on lily care would be very welcome! For instance I know you're supposed to feed them after flowering but what with?

    We would definitely recommend them.  Hope this helps.

  • I have several of the so-called tree lilies. A few of these varieties are also available from normal lily nurseries, where they are simply described as normal lilies.

    But it is true that they are very tall, and very impressive. A have three varieties which are well over 7 feet. The only major problem is that the massive flower heads become very heavy after rain, and may cause the stems to bend over quite worryingly. Although the stems are quite strong, I do attempt to stake mine.

    This one is Manisa, from T&M. It's left outside during the Winter. I give an occasional feed of tomato feed, when I think if it. The only regular maintenance that you really must do is to check for lily beetle, every few days. Just 3 bulbs here....

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    I actually transpanted one about a Foot high forom my motherinlaws garden,drooped then recovered!
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