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Moving pot bound Clematis and Honey Suckle

meiowmeiow Posts: 51

Hello everyone,

I have one each of these plants in large terracotta pots. They have been in there for aprox 4 years, I didn't have a garden when I got them.

I am now lucky enough to have a garden and want to get them out of the pots so they can spread their roots and hopefully flourish.

What is the best way to get them out? Should I water them or try and get them out as they are? I do want to save the plants as they have been with me for a number of years, but I also don't want to crack or damage the pots, The reality is the pots are probably worth more than the plants.

Is this the right time to plant them in the ground?

I don't know the exact species of either but I know that the Clematis is an early flowering one, with white flowers

Thanks for any advice


  • JaxxJaxx Posts: 4

    Hi, if it were me I would ease the plants out with the pots lying sideways - I wouldn't necessarily water them first ( presumably they should have some moisture anyway.  After 4 years of growth, the roots will be well established and probably the root structure will be large enough to cope with the shock so if you cut any, I shouldn't worry too much.  Once out of the pot, dig a hole which mirrors the size of the rootball and spike the surrounds of the planting hole to make sure the roots can get away in to the surrounding soil...especially if you have a heavy clay soil.  I would also tease the roots outwards if they're starting to 'ball' around the pot, perhaps trimming some of them prior to planting.  

    I would also apply a general fertilizer either in the planting pit or as a top dressing after firming in just to help the plant settle in after the shock of being transplanted, and water well.  The clematis will be more resilient than you think if it's a montana or armandii and the honeysuckle is a toughie too so don't worry too much - just be as careful as you can in getting them out of the pots but not overly cautious.  Personally I would prune down the top growth too after replanting by about a third (pruning down to just above a bud or leaf node)

    Spring is the ideal time to move them as they're still pretty much dormant but you can transplant in summer too bearing in mind that you will need to water more thoroughly and more regularly over the months after planting just to make sure they've taken and don't suffer their roots becoming desperate for moisture. Autumn is also a great time (as per Spring) as the earth is still warm and moist.

  • meiowmeiow Posts: 51

    Hi Jaxx, Thanks so much for your reply.

    The honey suckle is now out of it's pot and in the ground, at last it can spread it's roots and grow.The pot is intact too & replanted with summer bulbsimage

    The roots filled the whole pot no soil left! So no wonder it has never done very well! But it has always tried to flower so looking forward to see what it does this year.

    Will get the clementis out this weekend,

    Thanks again

  • meiowmeiow Posts: 51

    Hi again,

    The Honey suckle seems to be loving it's new position, I didn't need to prune as it is sprouting everwhere. Still haven't found a permanent position for the Clementis but it'sstarting to grow again. I love Springimage

  • Pete69Pete69 Posts: 4


    I have a cutting of honey suckle in a pot of water its been there for about 5 weeks what should i do next any info would be appreciated thanks

  • figratfigrat Posts: 1,619

    Has it started to grow roots?

  • Pete69Pete69 Posts: 4

    Hi Figrat not that i can see?

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