Weatherproofing Wood

I have some pallet planks & posts to build my first composter

? What paint do I use to stop the wood rotting over the years

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  • As the pallets are usually free I've not bothered to paint mine and eventually as they rot they will end up as part of the compost. However mine is at the allotment so do not have to look beautiful.

  • Its all about personal choice if you after the rustic look and not worried about replacing them dont paint them. If you want to make it last longer then i would suggest a wood preserve. But as with most things you get what ya pay for, cheaper doesnt always mean better. I use cuprinol but again its a personal choice but i do have faith in it.

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    Thanks Angel & Stephen about bthis below ?

    Never change Tigers in Mid Stream
  • I have never used it before but as long as its not too expensive, it could be worth try

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