Newspapers & Cardboard in Bean Trenches

NewBoy2NewBoy2 Posts: 798

I am just starting out as AN Allotmenteer and will be putting cardboard & newspapers into a trench to assist beans and leeks to retain water

?? DO I put them in whole or cut them up.

Never change Tigers in Mid Stream


  • I tried just sheets of cardboard and as the weather has been so dry they haven't automatically rotted down so next time I will cut up small. I use my paper shredder to do paper and it is rotting down well. Make sure it is well wetted when you put it in the trench.

  • The main aim of this is indeed to retain water. I usually do shredder carboard and newspapers, make it thoroughly wet and put a layer in the trench (3 to 5 cm thick). This works perfect - at least on a sany soil. 

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