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chicken manure

Hi we are new to the forum and have aquired a load of chicken manure. Can anyone advise what vegatables it can be used on.




  • I am new here to!  I mix chicken manure in with my general composting to help it decompose.  then i use the resulting compost as a general soil improver.  I think, if i remember right, that if you add it straight to your garden, then it has a alkine ph level, which some plants don't like, but i am not sure.  

  • batbat Posts: 4

    Do not use it directly on your beds, too harsh, but mixed with compost it is great.   If you have any rabbit or guinea pigs dropping to add to the mix, all the better.

  • Never use fresh chicken manure directly either store it for a good few months or add in small quantities to your compost heap as you add material for composting.
  • I buy pelleted chicken manure which is easy to use and you can spread it around as needed. Big tub is really cheap.

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