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oldchippyoldchippy Posts: 244
Hi Kate we have two Escallonia growing along the fence with tubular flowers mixed in with dogwood and cotinus and a flowering cherry and pyracantha and cotoneaster all growing happy together ,they have been in about 7 years and are well over grown,time for a prune.



  • Lupin2Lupin2 Posts: 17
    Hi Kate, after reading your comment I must plant escallonia in my new border for the bees.

  • The Escallonia in our garden must be at least 25years old and had spent at over 10years inside a Snow Berry hedge that was 8ft deep!! Four years ago I took the hedge back to the fence line, and discovered my aged Escallonia. She has been recovering and although still over shadowed by the neighbours 40ft conifers is a rounded standard shrub that certainly "buzzez" in the sort of garden hero!!!
  • Hi

    This sounds just the plant I've been looking for to suggest to my neighbour (she has asked me for suggestions - I'm not butting in!)to plant against her house wall at the front of the house. My family will benefit from her choice of plant more than she will as we look out at it from our kitchen and study. However, due to extensions, her house is staggered in 3 stages and the same evergreen plant aalong all the 3 parts would unify it I feel. Any other ideas?
  • We have a white and a pink escallonia in our garden and one of my favourite things to do during summer is to to watch the bees at work on them, they are great plants and even survive Scottish winters!
  • I planted a pink flowering Escallonia two summers ago, the very harsh winter of 2010/11 (central Scotland) didn't kill it, but I did have to prune out some dead stems. It didn't flower much last summer, but it's looking very healthy and has grown back brilliantly. I'm looking forward to seeing it buzzzzzzzing this summer!
  • happymarionhappymarion Posts: 4,591
    Escallonias are great plants for the seaside. They thrive where lots of others struggle. I have one with larger than normal pink flowers in my front garden, found and fancied in a local garden centre some years ago. The one in the Bristol Botanic Garden is a variety which gets smothered in flowers and bees. I am sure you will love yours, Kate.
  • Thanks for all your comments! I watered my little escallonia cuttings this morning. They are looking very healthy!


  • image We have just pruned our 10 years old pink  Escallonia, loads of dead branches again. and our new Escallonia Iveyi has lost lots of it's leaves and the rest are yellow?.....this is a seaside shrub, we live 3 mins from the sea, ia a fairly sheltered garden, what are we doing wrong?

  • Linda   2Linda 2 Posts: 4
    I live in manchester and i have a hedge of escallonia only a small one as my garden is small, it has lived through the last couple of winters which has been bad, and is still ok. I would give it a try mine has been allright,
  • Hi Katie,

    This shrub is a great one to have, hard as nails, lots of flowers nearly all year, I have had them as late as December before,evergreen, and can be really hard pruned. The one I have now is a cutting of my very first one I bought 15 years ago, which I left behind 2 gardens ago. I took many cuttings off this last year, like you, and now have about 25 strong, healthy little plants which I intend to plant as a hedge and they soon ramp on when they get put in the ground. There are a few different colour pinks,and a white, which I am going to keep and eye out for to add to the one I have got already. A 'good-doer', as the professional gardeners would say,and as you have seen great for our bees....
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