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Wildflowers in tubs

Is it possible to grow wildflowers in tubs?  Our garden is landscaped and we do not have a lot of flower beds, but want to plant perennial wildflowers.  


  • Yes, it certainly is possible and they like pretty poor, well-drained soil.  The only problem with perennial wildflowers is they tend to get going in the second year.  You could group the pots together and surround those pots with pots of annual wildflowers until your perennials get going.  I mix mine together, annuals and perennials in a border as the annuals self-seed and I pull up what I don't want

  • Hi LMR D. Agreed as above. Would you have time to start a small project and create a small wildflower border within your landscaping? Also what about growing upwards. Trellis,pergodas etc would give you an extra chance to grow some annuals such as peas. beans and sweet peas. That way you could use the produce and still provide the flowers for the insects. As for the pots annuals for quick results and perennials will take longer. If you are not fussy on the varieties some of the supermarkets sell at reasonable prices and you are likely to find perennials at fairs/bootfairs which wouldn't cost an arm and a leg.

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