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I want to plant a steep bank with wildlife flower seeds. Can any one advise on a suitable mesh to place on the soil to stop seed washing away and where I could by it?



  • Hi Trisha, it might be worth sowing the seeds into plugs, then planting them out as plug plants later in the year. I don't know which wildlife flowers you intend to use, or if the bank already has grass growing in it, but grass and other plants can quickly smother wildflowers. If you're just sowing an annual mix on to bare soil, wait until late-March or early April, as the seeds will germinate more quickly, reducing the chance of them being washed away. Mix the seeds with horticultural sand and water the bank before sowing. The sand will help keep the seeds moist, to a degree, and you'll be able to see where the seed has been sown. Perhaps check the weather forecast to make sure there are no heavy downpours due!

    Hope this helps

    Kate team

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