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I am always unsure - after my seeds have germinated in the propogato,r which is in the greenhouse - when do I remove them from the propogator 


  • Hi anthonyhazell, it depends on the plants, really. It's a good idea to take the lid off the propagator a couple of weeks after germination, especially if condensation is building up, which can lead to fungal infections developing on the plants. If your seedlings are in a heated greenhouse then they should be warm enough. Perhaps you could acclimatise them gradually, by taking the lid off the propagator and leaving them for a few days, then potting them into seperate pots but leaving them in the greenhouse... then, eventually, when all risk of frost has passed (depending on how hardy the plants are), pop the plants out in the day time and bring them in at night, before eventually putting them outside. Hope this helps!


  • meiowmeiow Posts: 51

    Hello anthonyhazell,

    I start my seeds off indoors in a propagator, I would say as you have a green house, take the lid off when the seedlings first poke through. I would prick them out once they have their first proper leaves. Seedlings have a young leaf then the proper ones develop.

    Once those are growing, then thats the time

    Hope that helps

  • Two things to remember when growing  in a propagator. Limit water to prevent damping off and tht the plants end up leggy if given to much time in the propagator. Two things i have learnt this year. I agree with meiow once geminated transplant and leave in G/H.

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